The Hypothesis by Persalth

Love Genomics? Molecular biology? Cell Biology? Take part in something unique, Persalth presents “The Hypothesis”.

Competitors need to think of a hypothesis (novel), write a description about the idea & how it can be implemented. You can combine different branches  of biotechnology and come up with something bizarre or extraordinary.

The idea must not be copied or it will be disqualified, you must check that your hypothesis doesn’t exist now. All the ideas will be published on our website.

Winners will be selected in two categories:

  1. People’s choice: Share your article on social media, the article with most shares will get a cash prize of Rs500.
  2. Our choice: One winner will be decided by our team, the winner will get Rs1000.

More Perks:

  1. Paid Internship
  2. Learning in all fields, writing, researching & marketing.

Submit your entry here & Select category as “The Hypothesis Competition”

Article must contain:

  1. Title
  2. Explanation in at least 400 words.

Competitors can submit their entry till April 26.

Results will be announced on May 4.

For any further questions or query write to